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Tramp Agency Services

Our Business Foundation

Fulfilling the agency needs of the tramp owner / operator is the foundation of our business.  We have been serving the requirments of this marketplace since 1920. 

As Agents, we are dedicated to providing real value to our principals.  To this end we try diligently to minimize vessel time in port, reduce costs, and provide many services that fall outside of basic husbandry duties.  We are also pre-emptive in minimizing the effects of new and existing regulations on your operations.  We are far more than a reporting service, we apply our experience and infrastructure to provide real solutions to save you money.


Some of our Cargoes

We specialize in bulk cargoes that are uniquely West Coast.  Raw logs from the forests of British Columbia and Washington State, wheat and grain products from the mid-west of North America, coal from the mines of British Columbia and Montana, petroleum products from the tar sands of Alberta, and rice from the fertile valleys of Northern California are just a few of the bulk cargoes that we handle routinely.





Loading Soy


Shipping Raw Logs